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A new roof can boost your curb appeal, and help make your home more comfortable

What do we do?

Increasingly urbanised environment and modern Architecture mean more and more new glass facade buildings around the world. For today’s building facades to look and perform at their best it is essential facades are inspected, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis with the best access solutions. These access systems need to be safe and easy to use. 

From glass roof and facade access solutions to consulting services.  Elegant engineering enables even very demanding and large projects.

Our Solutions

Want a skylight or facade access system that blends into the surroundings? With an experience from over 4000 projects we create the best possible solutions for you. If you need something special, our ability to create customized solutions will be your answer.

How can we help you?

Rostek services are required by architects, consultants, contractors and dealers. In almost all new construction projects there is a need for Rostek Solutions. We are especially strong in solving challenges at airports, railway stations, hospitals and shopping centers. 


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