ImpressPages 4.0 is a true ode to code
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super friendly admin panel
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  • I've tried almost every Content Management System out there! My clients needed simplicity and useability which they could not provide. Most made simple tasks like editing the homepage. ImpressPages CMS was able to offer simplicity for my clients, but robustness in the backend for any customizations they wanted.
    Olga Guz, Wed designer
  • This CMS does ease perfectly the update of any website, from the most basic to more complex ones. I installed it on a few websites (friends and prospective clients), and the beauty of it is that now they do not ask me anymore to update their news or pages simply because they are now able to do it by themselves, and without html-knowledge.
    Mike Smith, CEO Company
  • Thanks! Just dropped in to say thanks to everyone who helped when I've posted queries on this forum and to everyone associated with developing ImpressPages CMS. I've used ImpressPages to implement a site for a client of mine. It's the first time I've implemted a CMS and with the help of everyone here I was able to do everything I wanted to. I'll certainly use it again if I ever need another CMS and will recommend it to others.
    Ann Parker, CEO Company
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It’s time to change the way we manage content. Easy code meets easy admin.

Welcome to our demo site !

Just walk through your website and edit pages as you see them, not from somewhere under the hood. Simply drag and drop pictures, videos, polls, menus, anything goes. The text needs changing? Just click on the field you wish to edit.

With just a few tryouts you can master all ImpressPages 4.0 has to offer and break free from constant need of programmer’s help. New flat and usability-based admin interface makes navigation and page management effortless. This turns juggling even a number of websites into a fun activity.

ImpressPages 4.0 is a versatile tool created for all kinds of practices – from personal pages about cooking to corporate websites for banks, hospitals, telcos, etc.


Freedom with no strings attached: have a blast building as complex or easy websites as you wish and don’t even worry about the end user. ImpressPages 4.0 has a super friendly admin panel with features like drag&drop and inline editing so your clients will be fighting to add the content. The learning curve is almost flat, meaning no more exhausting trainings and emergency phone calls from furious content managers.

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ImpressPages provides people with total freedom and control over what they create.